All of our blades are designed by Mechanical Engineer and 14 year experienced stage combat fighter Chris Fields and hand crafted by him to be tough enough to withstand many years of stage combat or martial arts abuse, and we back our pieces with a life time warranty. Our Hand Made Swords and knives range from daggers to two handed swords, as well as cutlasses, and many other styles. Each sword or dagger is hand made, so each piece is one of kind and the stats below may vary slightly. Each piece can be sharpened for an extra cost and used for martial arts cutting practice, but is no longer warranted for stage combat use there after.


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Purchasing and/or questions"

Our internet shopping cart service will not be up for a some time, please email us if interested Delivery Times will vary from order to order. Please contact us prior to your order for product availability and delivery times per order.

Email: Chris@Sterlingarmory.com

Payment: We accept Paypal through chris@sterlingarmory.com

If you do not find what you are looking for, or see something close to what you want, send us an email for Custom Orders:

How to Order:

1) If you see an instock item that you would like, please email to address listed above. If you see something close to what you would like, or have a custom design, see step 2.

2) Pick a blade (we try to keep a varity of blade styles instock ready to be started, let us know what style you are looking for and we'll see what we have.)

3) Pick a Guard and Pommel Design, custom designs welcome. (If you see one that you like already, just give us the name of the style.) 

4) Pick Guard and Pommel Materials (basic material is stainless steel, Other avaible materials avaible: Mild Steel, Iron, Brass, and Bronze)

5) Pick color of leather wrap and grip design

6) Send and email to Chris@sterlingarmory.com for a quote.